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SBTV Virtual Classroom:

Suggested Videos for Ages 3-5:

Yoga Bug Stretches for 3-5

PreBallet Mini Center Barre

PreBallet Mini Class

PreBallet Warm Up

Practice our Steps

Action Songs

Trolls Mini Series! Ages 2-6

Suggested Videos for Ages 4-7:

Trolls Warm Up

Trolls class cont. - Movement

Action song link:

Trolls Combonation

Hip Hop Warm Up Ages 4-7

Hip Hop Combo Ages 4-7

Links for Action Song Video: 

Suggested prop - Hula Hoop

Hoops & Handstands Warm Up

Hoops & Handstands

Ballet/Tappers mini series: 

Tap Warm Up

Tap Rhythm Exercise  

Tap - Shout! Combo

Ballet/Jazz & Hip hop K-2:

Ballet/Jazz Movement Warm Up

B/J Combo Breakdown

Hiphop with Miss RaiNique

Pom Level 1 with Miss Kathleen

Pom Level 2 With Miss Kathleen

Contemporary Warm up & Combo:

Movement Warm Up

Combo Breakdown

Combination to love me like a girl

PreTeen & PreCompany Suggestions:

Contemporary With Miss Kathleen

Jazz with h Miss Rachel

Arms with Miss Rachel

Abs with Miss Rachel

Jazz Warm Up

Jazz Contemporary Turns

Pom with Miss Kathleen

Recital Dance Review:

I Can see Clearly Now

Choreography is also the same for 

Mon 4pm, Thurs 4pm, Sat 8:30, Sunday 9:15

I Cant Take My Eyes off of you

Tues 4pm, Sat. 9:15 , Sat 11:45

Clear (Mon 4pm)

Choreography is also the same for Saturday 9:15

Future's so Bright I gotta wear Shades 

Choreography is the same for Mon 4:00pm ,

Tues 4:00, Sat 10:30 (with Miss Kathleen) & 

Sun 10:30

See You Again

Choreography is the same for Thu 4:00pm & 

Sat 10:30 (with Miss RaiNique) 


Tuesday 4pm, Tue 5:15 

Tuesday 6:15, Sat 12:45 & Sun 9:15.

Double Vision (Thu 6:15)

Clear (Mon 5pm)

Choreography is also the same for   Saturday 11:30

I Cant Take My Eyes off of you

                         (Thu. 7:15)

Sight of you  (Mon 5pm)

Choreography is also the same for 

Tues 5:15pm & Tues 5:15

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