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Studio B Dance Center's 
26th annual Recital 

All Dancers, ages 2 & up are invited to perform in our annual recital. The recital is not mandatory, but it is an excellent opportunity to showcase our dancer's progress and build their self-confidence. 

All dancers receive a Video Download of the performance.


Tickets for our performances are sold through the studio, closer to the recital date.


The following OPTIONAL items are available for purchase: photo packages, performance videos, commemorative tee shirts, flowers, and past recital teddy bears. 



Studio B dance center is excited to announce that we will be hosting our 2021-2022 recital at the Hudson River Museums Amphitheater!  

April 30th & May 1st


Contact the office to see your child's day & time.

Time TBA


Costume Information has been sent out via snail mail. If you do not receive your information before 11/15, contact the office. 

The costume board has been posted!

Dancers can stop by the office before class to see their costume!!! 


Claire (age 6)'s Mom

A thank-you and well-done regarding this year’s recital. The entire team does such a nice job and this year, in particular, was outstanding. My entire family commented on the theme, costumes, music and (of course) the performances as really top-notch. Thank you all for your hard work and nurturing my daughter’s growth and development into a confident poised young girl.

 Lucy & Elise (Age 7 & 3)'s Mom

 I am not often around during the week (as you know, I rarely see the Friday classes Lucy is in), but I took some time off yesterday afternoon to get Lucy to rehearsal and I just want to say how impressed I continue to be with teachers at Studio B, and with all that you personally do. I love watching all the girls perform and seeing how far Lucy has come.  In addition, seeing how much more she can achieve (judging from the senior companies) is really inspiring. I am always moved by the sense of community and support you and your staff give the girls (and their parents).   There is something so beautiful and moving about all these girls (and a few boys) who are dancing and loving it.  The courage and confidence that you instill in them is amazing.  Now Elise is in her first recital this year and it really feels good to be part of the Studio B family.

 Cara & Ella (age 12)'s Dad

I have been to probably 5 'all ages' recitals.  This was my first at Studio B and by far yours was the best.  The girls are excited and we're so thankful for what you have done not only Cara, but Ella as well.  Tailoring a program for her violin and dance was a very nice accommodation not everyone would have done.


The organization was great, the dance routines were creative, the choreography was so enjoyable and the students, top to bottom, were prepared (accomplished).

I really enjoyed the entire show! So, thank you. You do a great job and I know we've found the right place

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